In today’s competitive business climate it is imperative that service providers are constantly delivering value to their clients. At Emprise, we are entrepreneurs, and we understand the need for short response times in the public markets and the importance of the ability to react swiftly to ever changing circumstances. Our small and close knit team is structured to provide prompt and accurate service.

Emprise’s services focus on the structuring, arranging and the management of various strategic initiatives, including:


Within the area of investing in and/or acquiring portfolio companies, Emprise focuses on investing for the long term while finding opportunity within changing market environments. We do this by focusing on companies that have capital and debt structure issues that allow us to make the best use of the specific restructuring knowledge we have. Our core competency is the acquisition, restructuring and reorganizing of troubled, insolvent, underperforming or distressed public and private corporations.

Emprise invests its own capital and the capital of its fully managed Fund (The Emprise Special Opportunities Fund, LP), in its portfolio companies and actively participates in their development to enhance their value and ultimately, the liquidity of its investment.

The foundation of our investment approach is stringent fundamental and quantitative analysis of a company, combined with developing a solid relationship with management, in-depth understanding of the industry group and product and the ability to anticipate any dynamic events leading to a change in the market's perception of a company's value. This may occur through future growth, the successful introduction of a new product, a sale, a merger/acquisition or an Initial Public Offering in the case of a private company.

By taking a hands-on approach to everything that we are involved with and by taking a highly proactive stance towards our portfolio companies, directing and assisting them through all of the challenges that face every growing business, we are able to deploy our capital at superior rates of return while minimizing risk in the process.

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